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It really doesn’t matter how you feel, what you think or what you believe. It’s all about choice. Let the chips fall where they may. But getting in the way is just wrong. I’m not talking about war, murder or stealing old lady’s handbags. I’m talking about each of us empowering each other to make the right decision. Each individual should be given the dignity of risk. It’s their life, it’s their choice and we need to respect that. I’m going to guess you can feel where this is going but reserve your judgements for the end.

Those of us who embraced medical and, quite honestly, the prevailing advice from those in a position of authority. We feel we have done the right thing. However, we took a massive risk for the collective benefit. Or so we thought. I’m sitting outside at the moment, with headphones on and not a tin foil hat. But it doesn’t take much to see where those labelled with such a metaphor are coming from…

For me it was only a year ago when I felt the world pulling together to deal with these unprecedented times. My friends and family were all looking out for one another. There were gifts sent in the mail to mark those special occasions. Trivia nights. Groceries dropped at my door. And so on. Don’t get me wrong, it was no substitute. But it was a relatively united front from those in my near vicinity.

Now however, there’s a fucking line in the sand. It’s as though you fall in line or you’re a piece of shit putting everyone at risk. And sadly, the divisive division I speak of has come from our leaders. Adhering to medical advice is not leadership. It’s lazy, convenient, and unnecessarily painful for those in marginalised communities…

The dust has settled, and I look back on my own behaviour and I’m shocked with how swept up I’ve been in all this nonsense. I’m tempted to show you the statistics for 2020 of metrics I think are relevant but I’ll refrain. What I find to be of relevance is a prevailing issue that affects 50% of the population. This topic is just as polarised as what we are seeing now. But I dare assume the prevailing western logic is pro choice. And I don’t see, and I’m yet to be persuaded, that this is any different.

The choice to have an abortion and the choice for women to do as they please with their body, in my humble opinion, should be respected. And you might think I’m clutching at straws here but the choice of those to not take medical ‘advice’ and do as they please with their body deserves the same respect. We shouldn’t ostracise women based on the complicated choice many have to face.

And this issue is no different.

Have you pushed someone away based on their choice? Have you forced your opinion on a minority? Have you failed to hear their point of view? Do you understand your own choice in its entirety? And there lies the ringer… We don’t know how this is going to pan out long term. A decision made in the moment to conform to the prevailing believes of others doesn’t sound like a calculated and careful decision to me.

Judge not lest be judged.