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Patient Doctor Privilege Book Cover
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Sick, struggling, trying to find a way through the maze...? It’s easy to look outwards for a recipe on how to live. And that’s something we all fall victim to.

For David, he was his own worst enemy and that path he decided to pave took him to insane heights and soul crushing lows. In this autobiography he decides to share it all and trace his missteps in order to find his own truth.

In his words, ‘this isn’t the kind of thing you read during a casual shit in the toilet.’ Innocence, drugs, mania, depression, and philosophies relevant to him at the time; he opens the book to himself and hopes the reflection staring back at him is also one that resonates with the reader.

We’re all one in the same, whether you decide to button up your person suit, or walk out the door chest bare, sharing is something we can all benefit from.

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